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Just £21 ($35) can
Give a Child a Family
There are 300,000 who have already gone into families as a result of our training. But there are MILLIONS more.
Why Give to Care for Children?

We believe that children belong in families.

Because of this we think it is vital to make the shift from institutional care back to family based care for orphans.

We believe in working with (not against) the Chinese and Thai governments.

This way we can make a strategic and long lasting impact for orphans in their countries.

What Your Donation Can Do?
Training Materials
...the translation and customisation of training materials that allow all those involved with caring for orphaned and abandoned children in our project sites to have access to international best practice social work and materials.
Family Placement
…the support of foster families throughout the countries we work in, allowing children to stay in their families for the long-term.
Capacity Building
…helping us develop our projects across countries in Asia so that even more children will benefit from our work.
per month can provide training materials for one family placement worker.
per month can support the care of one child in a family.
will cover the costs to deliver one workshop in Thailand.