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Annual Report 2016
Momentum has really been building at Care for Children over the past year. We are now at an exciting juncture in our goal of reaching one million children, with our work in China and Thailand entering new phases and projects in South East Asia emerging.
Annual Report 2015
After seventeen years the excitement to move forward and expand for the cause of these precious children is still a fire burning brightly in our hearts. We are grateful to so many wonderful people who have caught the vision with us and become passionate advocates for both the children and the amazing families who transform their lives.
Annual Report 2014
Care for Children has financially supported 800 children in 2014 who are now living in safe, secure families. We have trained 545 local staff on the ground who have facilitated a further 7,853 children in their new families. This is a remarkable achievement, and a reflection of growing momentum in Asia.
Annual Report 2013
2013 saw a ramp up in our China efforts. We signed a new agreement to work with 25 new project sites - many in poorer, western regions. We also initiated a new model where we’ve placed extra focus on five chosen institutions ‘the five cities’ that we aim to develop into pillars of best practice in family placement care.
Annual Report 2012
In 2012 Care for Children signed a new three-year project agreement with the government to work in 30 project sites, with a greater emphasis on the poorer, western provinces of China where family–based care has yet to be developed. 10 of those sites are previously trained sites that will become part of a research project, the other 20 will receive focused training on developing family placement.
Annual Report 2010
In 2010 Care for Children accepted invitation to begin a pilot project in Thailand. Care for Children’s National Foster Care Project in China currently works with 38 project sites in 27 provinces across the country. To-date, Care for Children has helped place more than 200,000 orphans into local Chinese families Children’s lives are being transformed through family life.