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10 November 2021

Today we are launching a 'holiday season' campaign called #backwithfamily to raise awareness of what has been called a 'hidden pandemic' of over 1 million children orphaned by COVID. You can read more about this in the international report in The Lancet here.
Between now, through Thanksgiving in the US, and then leading up to Christmas, we will be launching four short campaign videos to help ensure we don't forget the forgotten as the world begins returning to normal.
Here is the first of the campaign videos:
Video 1: Back with family again!
Video 2: Back with family this thanksgiving
Video 3: Finally flying home to be back with family
Video 4: Home for Christmas
Please consider donating. Your £5 or $10 will help place these children into new, loving families. Children should be in families. At Care for Children we make that happen.

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