Story of founder Robert Glover made into a book and a documentary
15 September 2020
On 15 October 2020, the book AS MANY AS THE STARS which tells the story of Robert Glover, founder of Care for Children, will be published by Hodder & Stoughton. The documentary feature CHILDREN OF SHANGHAI narrated by Bear Grylls, will also be released. The documentary portrays the life-transforming stories of the very first fostered children in China.
At last the world has a story it’s been hoping for.
This is a true story… I watched it happen with wonder.
Read it and be jealous!
- Jackie Pullinger (Author of Chasing the Dragon)

(Published by Hodder & Stoughton, 15 October 2020)

The story of Care for Children’s founder Robert Glover & the placement of ONE MILLION orphan children in families in China and beyond.

AS MANY AS THE STARS tells the story of how one man moved with his wife and six young children from the UK to China to follow his calling. Robert Glover was a social worker in the East of England who went on to work with the Chinese government to radically transform policy on care welfare. When Care for Children was launched to work in Shanghai, China in 1998, there wasn’t a word in Mandarin for ‘foster care’. In conversations with the Chinese government Robert demonstrated that family-based fostering and adoption was a better alternative to the system of state-sponsored orphanages.

Told with humour & simplicity As Many as the Stars gives a deeper understanding of the importance of families and how to live with greater compassion, generosity and courage.

Duration: 60 Minutes | Platform: To be announced.
Director: Richard Nash (Series producer for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5).

Bear Grylls introduces this documentary feature about China’s first generation of foster children. Now working in technology, finance, tourism, arts and sports, these young professionals reveal how they moved on from life in orphanages to achieve success and, in a series of touching reunions, their foster parents recall their battles to help them overcome prejudice and serious developmental difficulties. Filmed in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, with unprecedented access to all levels of Chinese society, this is a powerful and inspiring testament to the power of international cooperation and human compassion.

A modern day miracle that proves a single leap of faith can change the world.
At a time when there’s so much negativity and cynicism, here’s proof that positive, compassionate action can transform the lives of an entire generation.
- Bear Grylls (Adventurer, writer and TV presenter)
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Book: Phill Gray | Documentary: Matthew Gao

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