Tao Ran's Story

Tao Ran has been a part of Mr. and Mrs. Tao's loving foster family since he was a mere three months old. Despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which posed challenges for his mobility and communication, Tao Ran's life has taken a remarkable turn with the dedicated care he has received for the past eight years.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of his foster parents and professional physiotherapy, Tao Ran has defied expectations. He has become mobile, independent, and able to communicate using sign language. This transformation is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Mr. and Mrs. Tao, who have embraced their role as foster parents with love and devotion.

The positive outcome in Tao Ran's life is also a result of Care for Children's efforts to promote high-quality foster care. The child welfare institution where Tao Ran spent his early years now runs a successful family placement programme, thanks to the training provided by Care for Children. Some staff members have been retrained as family placement workers, enabling them to identify and provide ongoing support to foster parents like Mr. and Mrs. Tao, as well as others within the community.

Following Care for Children's model, the institution has transformed into a community centre that offers essential services, including professional physiotherapy, for children like Tao Ran who have benefitted from the family placement program. This holistic approach ensures that the children not only find loving families but also receive the necessary support and treatments to thrive.

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